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What is the Hartnell College CatCard??

The Hartnell College CatCard (Student ID Card) is the official identification, library and on campus debit card for all Hartnell College students, faculty and staff. Individuals deposit funds into their CatCard accounts and then can debit against their balances. Click here to log into the Catcard Payment System using your Hartnell Student ID and password.


Payment of the Student Activities fee activates the Student/CATCard ID. Students may pay their Student Activities fee at the cashier's office and then present their receipt to the Office of Student Life located in the College Center, Room C-140 to receive their CatCard. 

The CatCard can be used to obtain various on-campus services and to pay for things such as:
  • Attending athletic events
  • Attending The Western Stage events
  • Identification for Hartnell Student Services
  • Fitness Lab/Weight Room log-in
  • Receive benefits and Services provided by the Office of Student Life and ASHC
  • Using various library services
  • Computer printing costs
  • Photo copies
  • Bookstore purchases
  • Cafeteria purchases

Why the CatCard?

The CatCard offers several advantages to students, faculty and staff at the college.
  • It eliminates the need to carry cash.
  • It facilitates college life by providing a means to pay for printing and photocopying.
  • It is safe, as you will need a PIN number for purchases.

What if I lose my CatCard?

Lost or Stolen Hartnell ID Cards have a $5.00 replacement fee (paid at the Cashier's Office). Lost or stolen cards can be deactivated online at catcard.hartnell.edu Lost or stolen cards should be reported to the Student Activities Coordinator, located in the Office of Student Life, located in the Student Center, Room C-140.   The email address is CatCard@hartnell.edu. Telephone number is 831-755-6734 or Contact Catcard here and select Students - Catcard.

Students have the following CatCard care responsibilities:
  • Hartnell College is not responsible for cash balances and services obtained through lost or stolen cards.
  • You must safeguard your CatCard.
  • Your CatCard identification number is printed on the back of the card. Your default Password is the last four digits on your identification number. It is strongly recommended that you change your Password number immediately to protect your CatCard.
  • You are responsible for all transactions on the card until it is reported lost.
  • Your CatCard must be shown on demand to any officer or agent of Hartnell College.

What can I do with my CatCard?

Your CatCard can be used at the following locations:

How do I put money on my CatCard or buy a guest CatCard?

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